Top 3 Skincare Devices To Maximize Your Holiday Business

Posted by Pooja Johari on Nov 1, 2017 5:01:19 PM
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As we all know, the end-of-the-year holidays are fast-approaching. Naturally everyone is going to want to look his or her best. In order to satisfy your current clients, attract new ones & beat out the competition, your spa or salon has to have the devices that meet the demands of today’s tech savvy beauty treatment for new year. We asked the founder of the National Aesthetic Spa Network (NASN), Denise R. Fuller for her top picks to maximize your holiday business this year. Here is her exclusive to us:

infra red comb-1.jpgHigh Frequency infrared comb: Men with mustaches and beards love this stimulating led light facial treatment. The electrode touches the facial hair to provide a light tingling sensation, with a comfortable and soothing vibration. High frequency reduces bacteria, improves blood circulation, prevents ingrown hair and stimulates growth.



LED Light.jpgLED/Light Emitting Diodes: These devices are great for reducing seasonal stress Acne. The device should incorporate a Blue LED, which reduces blemishes, kill the acne bacteria and will create an environment for clear skin free from break-outs during the holidays. For rejuvenation and anti-aging facials, Red LED stimulates production of collagen and elastin. LEDs can be hand-held, if the spa retails them, this also makes a great stocking stuffer for to improve skin at home in between professional appointments. Larger more effective LED treatments are with panels and the ultimate wellness and healing luxury is finding a spa with an LED treatment bed.


smart mirrors-1.jpgSmart Mirrors: This is an idea for an innovative digital skin analysis mirrors. This techno therapist assesses the skin's condition from fine lines, dark circles, dehydration & will effectively and efficiently target problem areas to assist the client in her beauty goals. This advanced mirror on the wall for e.g. HiMirror at your spa gives quick advice to you and your esthetician to go over the results and find the best beauty treament for new year's eve to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Keep in mind that an effective communication strategy about your devices and services is absolutely vital. See our tips on social media strategy ( to ensure that the word-of-mouth builds!

Now you are ready to offer the absolute latest to your clients to ensure that they have best facial for new year's eve and for the holidays ahead.

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